Top Trending Diets On Google In The United States

Humans may alter their usual eating habits for many reasons, including weight loss, disease prevention or treatment, removing toxins from the body, or to achieve a general improvement in physical and mental health. Others adopt special diets for religious reasons. In the case of some vegetarians and vegans, dietary changes are made out of ethical concerns for the rights of animals.

There are thousands of diets Popular In The United States. Some are for losing weight, while others are for gaining weight, lowering cholesterol, living a long and healthy life, and many other reasons.

Diet is popular all over the world. People Search for Diet on Google Frequently. Every Year, Google Publish Search Volume Of Diets. According To The Google Trend:  Intermittent fasting diet Was The Most Searched Diet In 2019 And Keto diet Was The Top In 2018.

Trending Diets List In The United States


1) Intermittent fasting diet

2) Dr. Sebi diet

3) Noom diet

4) 1200 calories diet

5) Golo diet

6) Dubrow diet

7) Sirtfood diet

8) No Carbs no sugar diet

9) Endomorph diet

10) Jlo diet


1) Keto diet

2) Dubrow diet

3) Noom diet

4) Carnivore diet

5) Mediterranean diet

6) Optavia diet

7) Dr. Gundry diet

8) Fasting diet

9) Fodmap diet

10) The Shepherd’s Diet


1) GOLO Diet

2) Taco Diet

3) Military Diet Substitutes

4) Atkins 40

5) Ketogenic Diet Foods

6) Dissociated Diet

7) The Wild Diet

8) Pizza Diet

9) Dukan Diet Results

10) Mono Diet


1) 20/20 Diet

2) Carb Cycle Diet

3) Paleo Diet

4) GM Diet Plan

5) Military Diet Plan

6) Atkins Induction Diet

7) 7 Day Soup Diet

8) 500 Calorie Diet

9) Zero Carb Diet

10) Yes You Can Diet Plan


1) Paleo Diet

2) Atkins Diet

3) Gluten Free Diet

4) Mediterranean Diet

5) Dash Diet

6) The Military Diet

7) HCG Diet

8) South Beach Diet

9) Super Shred Diet

10) The Doctor’s Diet


1) Paleo Diet

2) Juice Cleanse Diet

3) Mediterranean Diet

4) Master Cleanse Diet

5) Ketogenic Diet

6) Okinawa Diet

7) Omnivore Diet

8) Fruitarian Diet

9) Pescetarian Diet

10) Flexitarian Diet


1) Michael Phelps diet

2) Beyond diet

3) Raspberry Ketone diet

4) Pink Method diet

5) Adriana Lima diet

6) Miranda Kerr diet

7) NV Diet Pill

8) Feeding tube diet

9) Juicing diet

10) Marissa Miller diet


1) Dukan Diet

2) Four Hour Diet

3) 17 Day Diet

4) Slow Carb Diet

5) Perfect Health Diet

6) African Mango Diet

7) Lichi Diet

8) Esselstyn Diet

9) Rachael Ray Diet

10) Beyond Diet

This article provides details on the most popular diets In The United States according to three criteria: the number of articles that cover them, how popular they seem to be, and how often we receive feedback on them.

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