Top Trending News Search In United States In Recents Year

News is a report of recent occurrences; information of something that has lately taken place, or of something before unknown; fresh findings; recent intelligence.

Google Trends is a service that launched in May 2006 that allows you to see how popular search news in the United States has been over time on Google. You can also see how popular web sites are, along with related demographic information as estimated by Google.

People Googled For news and collected information about any recent occurrences. In this post, we present the Top Trending News Search In the United States In Recents Year. Top news differs from one year to another.

In 2019, The most Trending News Search In the United States was “Hurricane Dorian”. In 2018, The most Trending News Search In the United States was “World Cup”. In 2017, The most Trending News Search In the United States was “Hurricane Irma”.

Trending News In United States


1) Hurricane Dorian

2) Notre Dame Cathedral

3) Women’s World Cup

4) Area 51 raid

5) Copa America

6) El Paso shooting

7) Sri Lanka

8) Government shutdown

9) Equifax data breach settlement

10) California earthquake


1) World Cup

2) Hurricane Florence

3) Mega Millions

4) Election Results

5) Hurricane Michael

6) Kavanaugh Confirmation

7) Florida Shooting

8) Royal Wedding

9) Olympic Medal Count

10) Government Shutdown


1) Hurricane Irma

2) Las Vegas shooting

3) Solar Eclipse

4) Hurricane Harvey

5) Bitcoin Price

6) North Korea

7) Hurricane Jose

8) Hurricane Maria

9) April the Giraffe

10) DACA


1) Olympics

2) Election

3) Orlando Shooting

4) Brexit

5) Zika Virus

6) El Chapo

7) Brussels

8) Nice France

9) Panama Papers

10) Aleppo

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