What is the Famous Forest of China? 

China occupies a vast territory with a complex climate and varied geomorphic types. So almost all forest types can be found from north to south in China. According to the U.N. FAO, 21.9%, or about 206,861,00 of China is forest, according to FAO. Of this 5.6% ( 11,632,000 ) is classified as primary forest, the most biodiverse and carbon-dense form of forest. China had 77,157,000 ha of planted forest.

Distribution of China Forest

  1. The Greater Hinggan: The biggest and most important pine forest in China. The mountain is 1,400 kilometers long and 300 kilometers wide. 62 percent of which is covered by forests with a total area of 15 million hectares.
  2. The Lesser Hinggan: located next to the Greater Hinggan with a forest area of 11 million hectares. It is a major provider of wood in China, supplying one-fifth of the country′s total.
  3. Changbai Mountain: located east of Jilin Province with a forest area of over 10 million hectares. The great variety of flora species makes it a forest museum. It is a UNESCO International Biosphere Protection Zone.
  4. The Xishuangbanna Tropical Forest: lying on the southern tip of Yunnan Province. It has the biggest reserve of natural flora and houses 4,000 advanced flora, 100 rare trees, and some economic trees, like the rubber tree, oil palm, coconut palm, and cinchona.
  5. The Shennongjia Virgin Forest: Located in the northwest of Hubei Province, it has a forest area of 0.5 million hectares. It is famous for its salvage mystery.
  6. The Wuyishan Mountain: lies in the northwest of Fujian Province with the best-reserved primeval forests in the southeast of China.
  7. The Forest of Taiwan: located in the east of Taiwan Province. lots number of camphor tree produce makes up two-thirds of the world′s natural camphor. Red junipers in the A-Lee Mountain are 60 meters tall and 3,000 years old.
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