What is the National Animal of Cyprus?

Cypriot mouflon is the official national animal of Cyprus. Cypriot mouflon was entitled to the official Cyprus national animal. Ovis Orientalis is the scientific name of Cypriot mouflon. It is commonly known as Cyprus Mountain Goat or Agrino, Mouflon, Cyprian Wild Sheep, Cyprus Mouflon, Red Sheep, Urial, which are native to Corsica, Sardinia and Cyprus. Cypriot mouflon, the national animal of Cyprus is well adapted to the new habitats.

Even though, and can be found in Portugal, Switzerland, Spain, France, Germany, central Italy, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, the Canary Islands, and also some northern European countries such as Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Cyprus’s national animal Cypriot mouflon is the well accepted by the people of Cyprus that is the reason to designate as the official national animal of the country.

National animal of Cyprus Facts—

The national animal of Cyprus, Mouflons is an itinerant animal. They move to find new areas, which provide adequate food. The mouflons migrate during the winter period, toward the lower altitudes to flee from the tremendously low temperatures and be short of food. As a nocturnal animal, they had hidden in dense vegetation in the day time. Mouflons live in a separate group of males and females. During the mating season, they are united.

From late autumn to early winter the mating season of mouflons takes place. Males fight to prove their dominance and get the opportunity to mate. Gestation lasts around 210 days, with one to three two lambs born in April. Cyprus’s national animal Cypriot mouflon have separate names of both male and female. The mouflons are identified in different names, such as; the females are called “ewe, dam.” The males are known as buck, ram and the babies name lamb and lambskin






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