What Is The National Assembly Building of Iran?

Baharestan Building, Baharestan palace or Iran’s National consultative assembly are the names of a historical building in Baharestan complex of Tehran and is from the 19 century. This building was used for holding the national council assembly conferences.This building was once cannonaded and caught fire three times.

Constitutional building (Museum of Council) or the national council assembly is located in Mirza Hussein Khan Generalissimo palace which was designed and constructed in 1878 by the famous Iranian engineer, Mirza Mahdi Khan Shaqaqi, known by the name “Mumtahen al-Dowleh” by the order of the Generalissimo (Sepah Salar).

Mirza Hussein Khan who was one of the Chancellors of Naser al-Din of Qajar had no better destiny than Amir Kabir. He was first exiled to holy Mashhad and then was poisoned.

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