What Is The National Flower of Brunei?

Simpor is the national flower of Brunei. There are 2 species of this flower that represents the Brunei National Flower symbol. The first one is the Dillenia beccariana which is illustrated on the front side of the one-dollar note of Brunei. The second one is Dillenia suffruticosa. Simpor was titled as the national flower of Brunei during the APEC Summit which Brunei hosted in 2000.

The Simpor belongs to a genus of plants called Dillenia, The name “Dillenia” is derived from the name of a German botanist. There are about sixty different species of the Simpor around the world. They are scattered in the region ranging from Madagascar to Australasia. There are 8 known species of Simpor in Brunei Darussalam. Two of the species are more common than the others.

They are Dillenia beccariana (the River Simpor) and Dillenia suffruticosa (Simpor Bini). Typically the Simpor species are trees. Some are shrubby. The Simpor has eye-catching yellow flowers. Dillenia beccariana or The River Simpor is illustrated on the front side of the one-dollar note of Brunei. This particular species is a small tree. It is very much common alongside the rivers, particularly the Temburong River.

Facts About Brunei’s National Flower (Simpor)

Simpor Bini can be typically found in areas with white sands. It also grows in swamps. The Simpor Bini is a very significant species in the white sands. It is like innovator species that colonizes the white sands where other tree species fail to establish themselves to do so. The Simpor Bini has had seeds that are able to establish on the white sands. When they germinate, they send their roots very deep down to reach the deep underground water source.

Description And Significant of Simpor

The Simpor Bini plays a significant ecological role as it is considered as an indicator of the underground water source. Wells are dug based on the presence of the Simpor Bini. Some species of the Simpor have distinctive fruits. Traditionally, there were various uses of the Simpor. The Simpor Bini was used for dealing with wounds and stopping bleeding. The tissue of the fruits was used for a hair wash.

One noteworthy feature of the Simpor is that sometimes the flower is used in Brunei art known as ‘Ayer Muleh’. It is a creative vegetative design that is used for ornamentation in traditional handicrafts. It is widely used in printed form nowadays. The timber of simpor tree is generally very hard. The timber is of limited use. The flowers are sometimes consumed. The large and rigid leaves are used as platters and food wrappers. The old leaves of some species contain silica in their fleshy tissues and for that, they were used as sandpaper once.

The Simpor flower has large brightly colored petals, spreading like an umbrella over the clumped or united stamens, which are positioned in the middle portion. The exceptional blossoming of the flower and the green leaves symbolizes the development of Brunei’s economic investment from fruit towards better economic growth towards the flower and the success of the APEC region.

To sum up, Simpor is a very significant flower for Brunei. This national symbol of Brunei symbolizes the country’s success and development. The plant itself is very resilient and can grow and survive anywhere. This symbolizes the solidity of the APEC region to survive any peril, principally the economic decline. That’s why naturally, Simpor was chosen as the national flower of Brunei.

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