What Is The National Flower of Maldives?

The Finifenma is the national flower of Maldives. It is commonly known Pink as Rose. The scientific name of“Finifenma” or Pink Rose is Rosa Polyentha. It belongs to Rosaceae family. The Rose, also the National Flower Emblem of various country and state of the world. It is the most recognized symbol of love and beauty (also war and politics). From birth to death Rose plays a vital role in everyday life. There is no human being but loves Rose.

Originally the birth place of Rose was the ancient Persia that was introduced to the west world by Alexander. Now Rose is the flower of universe and it is cultivated or grown all over the world. Its growth started about 35 million years ago.Most of the people of Maldives like “Finifenmaa (Pink Rose)” with high respect. It is a well grown flower in Maldivian soil. For these reason the Maldivian Authority choose “Finifenmaa(Pink Rose)”as the national flower of Maldives, which was declared on 25th July 1985.

Facts about National Flower of Maldives (Pink Rose)

The National Flower of Maldives– Pink Rose is distinguished and significantly most beloved flower in the universe. Rose has more than 100 different species, lion’s share of which is growing in Asia. Rest of the part is originated from Europe, North America and Africa. Due to the commercial breeding in present Rose are available all over the world. As the Rose cultivation started in 500 years BC the variety of Roses reach more than 13000.

Many of the countries adopted the Rose as their national flower such as Bulgaria, Czech, Ecuador, Iraq, Luxemburg, Iran, Rumania and Slovakia. And it is also the state flower of Oklahoma, Georgia, Iowa and North Dakota. The Rose has great historical importance to the Egyptians and Romans. It is a secret that Romans were kept them “under the Rose” by wearing string their neck, which are well decorated by colorful Rose. They also decorated their rooms by Rose. The Rose represents her as symbol by color species. Red Rose is the symbol of Love.The white stands for purity, orange stands for excitement, pink is for delight and yellow stands for friendship. The dark Red Rose said as black stands for sorrow. Pink Roses have some extra ordinary indication of feelings:

In Mythology, the rose is associated with Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, which has often been depicted with roses around her head, feet and neck. It is also said that a rosebush has grown in the heart of Adonis’ blood pool, the murdered lover of Aphrodite. In Christian mythology, it is also said that a rosebush would have grown on the site of the death of Christ.The Pink Rose, thenational flower of Maldives has lot of health and nutritious value. Potassium, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Calcium, Carbohydrate, Iron, Dietary fiber, and Calories are enriched in the Rose petals. Many herbal medicines are made from Rose petals and hip (fruit of Rose is called hip). Hip varies species wise; some of hips enormously rich with Vitamin C. Jam, jelly can make by rose hip.

To sum up, the Pink Rose, thenational flower of Maldivesis the symbol of love & beauty, the honor, the faith, the devotion, passion and sensuality. The people of Maldivesare right to select it as the National flower of Maldives.

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