What Is The National Flower of Mongolia?

Scabiosa Butterfly Blue is the national flower of Mongolia. Scabiosa comosa is the scientific name of Scabiosa Butterfly Blue and it is commonly known as Ber Tsetseg in Mongolia. The Scabiosa Butterfly Blue was declared as the national flower of Mongolia on October 25, 2014.

In order to choose the national flower, a two-month-long survey was held by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Mongolia. 1000 respondents including botanic researchers, experts, students, tour operators, and tourists voted for the most preferred one and the scabiosa came out on top of the list and became the national flower of Mongolia. This flower symbolizes a harmonic lifestyle with nature.

Scabiosa Butterfly Blue is the national floral symbol of the Mongolian people. This Scabiosa cultivar is a compact perennial with gray-green leaves and a long bloom period featuring pretty lavender-blue flowers that look like pincushions surrounded by frilly petals. It’s nice when used as edging or in large groups in borders or rock gardens. Ber Tsetseg or Scabiosa comosa is widely popular across Mongolia. In summer, Scabiosa comosa blooms for three months. It is found in colors ranging from pale blue to light purple.

Facts About Scabiosa Butterfly Blue

It can be easily planted and requires sunny and less dry conditions. While care is required, it is hearty and tolerant of sickness. The flowers are borne on inflorescences in the form of heads; each head contains many small florets, each floret cupped in a membranous, saucer-shaped bract. The calyx has five sepals in the form of awns almost as long as the petals. After the flowers have dropped, the calyces together with the bracts form a spiky ball that may be the reason for the “pincushion” common name.

Butterfly-blue Scabiosa is a very widespread flower and found throughout Mongolia in the summertime. The common name ‘scabious’ comes from the herb’s traditional usage as a folk medicine to treat scabies, an illness that causes a severe itching sensation. The flower also has a strong resemblance with silver decoration plates found on traditional Mongolian horse saddles.

The Ministry hopes that the National Flower can be used to assist the expansion of the tourism industry as well as the flora business of Mongolia. The flowers of the scabiosa genre usually have a long blooming period, so the beauty of these purple flowers can be enjoyed for a long time. The flowers are rich in nectar and thus attractive to many insects including butterflies and moths. They are food plants for the larvae of some species of Lepidoptera.

To sum up, the national flower of Mongolia, butterfly blue scabiosa, is a flower that is connected to the history of Mongolia and used as a symbol of strength and tolerance by the people of the country. These purple beauties do represent the rich tradition of Mongolia.

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