What Is The National Flower of Nepal?

Red Rhododendron is the national flower of Nepal. RhododendronFerrugineum is the scientific name of Rhododendron. The national flower of Nepal Rhododendron is commonly known as LaliGurans in Nepali. When a state body selects a symbol for the state it should represent extraordinary design, quality, expression of cultural, traditional, and religious background, which go back thousands of years for its popularity.

According to the record, in 1901, the then outgoing Governor George Atkinson admiring the eye-catching flowering plant said,“ I know none more beautiful than Rhododendron” and state bodies select Red Rhododendron as the National flower of Nepal. LaliGurans is also the State flower of West Virginia since 1903. Rhododendron the National flower of Nepal is proud of its beauty. Nepal is proud of the beauty of Red Rhododendron.

Facts About Rhododendron/LaliGurans

Description of Rhododendron

Nepal’s national flower Rhododendrons is cultivated in bush form. According to the variety, it can grow up to 98 feet in height and a minimum of 3.9 inches. As per variety, the leaves of rhododendron are deviation in their size and shape. Some of them are evergreen and some of the deciduous leaves. The evergreen-type leaves are generally large and paddle shape but the deciduous leaves are elliptical and small in size. Red Rhododendron, the National flower of Nepal has a specialty in her flowering.


✅Nepal Flower

Lali Gurans are found at altitudes as low as 1,200 meters and as high as 3,600 meters. The flower grows throughout the whole length of Nepal and is remarkably colored in all shades of red, pink, and white.

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