What Is The National Flower of Sweden?

Twin Flower is the National Flower of Sweden. Linnaea Borealis is the scientific name of Twin Flower and it is named after Carl Linnaeus who is regarded as the father of taxonomy. The twinflower is a very tantalizing wild plant that grows in the nasty forest. It is about 1 inch high that grows in pairs. Twin Flower smells like vanilla. The color of this flower is pink. Twinflower is actually the unofficial national flower of Sweden.

Facts About Sweden’s National Flower (Twin Flower)

Description And Size

Twinflower or Linnaea borealis is a little plant. It is found all over the northern hemisphere. Twinflower grow in open forests, moorlands, and open dry slopes in the mountains from Siberia to Sweden and also across North America. Twinflower is commonly found under temperate deciduous shelter in average soil humidity conditions. It is overlooked, ignored or accidentally crushed beneath the foot of a passing hiker generally when the flower is not in full bloom.

When twinflower is in bloom, its pink and white flowers seem to alleviate the green mosses and dark forests.The common name of the Swedish national flower, twin flower ascends from the twin like feature of its parts. The pink bell-shaped flowers seem nodding. They are born in pairs on small, reedy Y-shaped stalks. It seldom exceeds 6 inches in height, therefore the common name “twinflower” is given. The flowers are very muchsweet-smelling and they last about 1 week.It appears in June or July usually. The leaves of this plant are also twins.

Twin Flower

The leaves are paired on the reverse sides of the stem which are plump and leathery. The slacklytangled plants are semi-woody and evergreen. They have leafy stems that creep over the surface of the earth from long runners. Maximum height of it is around 4 inches.Linnaeus took Linnaea borealis as his own personal symbol when he was raised to the Swedish nobility in 1757. Twin flower is the most favorite flower of the people of Sweden and it is the beloved national flower of Sweden.

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