What Is The National Flowers of Vietnam?

Red Lotus is the national flower of Vietnam. Scientific name of Lotus is NelumboNucifera. It belongs to Nymphaeaceae family. If we go through the history of South East Asia, the National flower of Vietnam Red Lotus plays a vital role in the history and has been featured in architecture, Literature and Art of Buddhism and Hinduism. Spiritually the Lotus is taking important part in both Hinduism and Buddhism.The Lotus is also the National flower of India.

The Red Lotus is found in all the part of Vietnam and native to South Asian Country. It is also cultivated in Japan, Australia, Europe and USA. The Lotus is considered sacred in Hindu and Buddhist mythology. Devi Swaraswati, Devi LaxmiandDev Brahma are illustrated to seat on Lotus. According to the Buddhist mythology, Lord Goutam Buddha was affiliated with Red Lotus and the red lotus bloomed by his every step. The National flower of Vietnam is also the symbol of purity, prosperity, wealth, serenity, and fertility.

Facts about National Flower of Vietnam (Red Lotus)

The National Flower of Vietnam, Red Lotus grows in Ponds, lakes and shallow water beds. It is rooted in the muddy soil under water. Each and every leaf and flower has one stalk that is upward from the root. The both flower and leaf stand 2-3 cm higher than the water surface through their stalk. Lotus blooms mostly in the rainy season. It has a lot of health and nutritious value. Many herbal medicines are made from lotus root. The lotus stalks contain vitamins, (B1, B2, B6 and C), Minerals (Potassium, Copper, Phosphorous and manganese). It is also used as vegetable in South East Asia. The people of India and native country eat Lotus seeds in raw. It is consumed as a sort of popcorn, locally named PhoolMakhanawhich is also made by lotus seed.

Nutrition Facts

To sum up, Red Lotus is the most popular and the native flower of Vietnam. It isone with the national identity and it represents the core values of Vietnamese psyche. It is an inseparable part of Vietnam’s culture, history and heritage of a nation, so naturally, Red Lotus is selected as the national flower of Vietnam.

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