What Is The National Monument of Germany?

Germany Has more Than 2,000 years of eventful cultural history, scenic and varied natural landscapes. Germany presents something of interest at every turn. Fascinating monuments, both natural and man-made, historic and modern, await throughout Germany. Top National Monuments of Germany:

  1. Cologne Cathedral- Construction of Cologne Cathedral, on the banks of the Rhine, began in 1248, but the masterpiece of Gothic architecture was not complete until 1880.
  2. Neuschwanstein Castle– Neuschwanstein Castle is instantly recognizable as the ultimate fairy-tale-style castle. With its romantic turrets and stunning backdrop of the southern Bavarian Alps.
  3. Checkpoint Charlie– Checkpoint Charlie was the famed border crossing of the Berlin Wall. A museum dedicated to nonviolent protest, the Mauermuseum, was established in 1962.
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