What Is The National Monument of Ireland?

More than 5,000 years of history are revealed through colossal passage tombs, the beehive huts of early monasteries, and more iconic landmarks. Here are Irish places of curiosity, pilgrimage, and inspiration.
1. ROCK OF CASHEL- For more than a millennium, the Rock of Cashel, a formidable stronghold rising high above the surrounding plain, has stood sentinel over Tipperary.
2. GIANT’S CAUSEWAY- According to ancient legend, the Irish warrior giant Finn McCool created the Giant’s Causeway so as to avoid getting his feet wet while walking between Northern Ireland and the coast of scotland.
3. GLENDALOUGH- In a valley carved out by glaciers and surrounded by the rugged peaks of the Wicklow Mountains, a nobleman rejected the trappings of his privileged life and retreated into a cave for religious reflection.

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