What is The National Motto of Australia?

There Is No Record of an official Motto in Australia. Formerly “Advance Australia” Consider As The National Motto of Australia. In Their Coat of Arms The selection of the kangaroo, the emu, and the words, “Advance Australia” were tied together symbolically.

The Commonwealth Coat of Arms is the formal symbol of the Commonwealth of Australia. It is used to identify the authority and property of the Australian Government, the Australian Parliament, and Commonwealth courts. For example, it appears on the cover of Australian passports, government buildings, and some 50 cent coins.

The first Commonwealth Coat of Arms was introduced on 7 May 1908. The current Coat of Arms was introduced on 19 September 1912.

History of the Commonwealth Coat of Arms

The first official coat of arms of Australia was commissioned in 1908, seven years after the federation. It consisted of a shield held by the Australian Coat of Arms animals (the kangaroo and the emu) on a bed of green grass, with the motto “Advance Australia” written underneath.

In 1912, the coat of arms underwent a redesign, with the animals in particular made to look more realistic. Some people argued against having the emu and kangaroo on the emblem altogether, saying that they weren’t fitting with the heraldic theme.

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