What is The National Motto of Ireland?

The Republic of Ireland does not have an officially accepted national motto. Several popular Gaelic phrases are, however, mistakenly used as the national motto of Ireland.

The Republic of Ireland occupies approximately four-fifths of the island’s area. The remaining one-fifth belongs to Northern Ireland, a province of the United Kingdom. With an area of 70,273 km², Ireland is slightly larger than twice the size of Denmark, or somewhat larger than the U.S. state of West Virginia.

The nation has one land border, the Republic of Ireland–United Kingdom border. Ireland shares only maritime borders with the United Kingdom. Largest cities: Dublin (capital), Cork (Corcaigh), Limerick (Luimneach)

The phrase most commonly misused as the national motto of Ireland is Éire go, Deo, which is pronounced “air-ah guh joe.” The literal English translation of the phrase Éire go, Deo, is “Ireland is Forever,”. Céad Míle Fáilte, pronounced “kade mee-lah faw-filter,” is also regularly misused as the national motto of Ireland. But it simply means “One hundred thousand welcomes.”

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