What is The National Mountain of El Salvador?

The volcano of Santa Ana, or Ilamatepec, in the westernmost part of the country, is El Salvador’s tallest peak at nearly 7,750 feet. Near the Guatemalan border, Santa Ana is located within the boundaries of Cerro Verde National Park and has erupted as recently as 2005.

Cerro El Pital, which is nearly 9,000 feet at its summit, straddles the border of Honduras and El Salvador. Some Highest Mountain of El Salvador:

1. Santa Ana Volcano, Santa Ana- 2,381 m
2. Volcán de San Vicente, -2,182 m
3. Volcán de San Miguel, San Miguel- 2,130 m
4. Volcán de Izalco, Sonsonate- 1,950 m
5. Volcán de San Salvador, -1,893 m

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