What is The National Mountain of France?

France Has some of the Most Spectacular Mountains in Europe such as Mont Blanc. About 2977 Small And Big Mountain Are located in France, Most of them in the Alps and the Pyrenees Ranges. Here we look at the most Prominent Mountains in France:

1. Mont Blanc- Mont Blanc is the most prominent Mountain in France and Rises to 4,808 meters, Making it the Highest Mountain in the Alps.
2. Barre des Ecrins- It is the second highest mountain in France and rises to 4,102 meters.
3. Grande Casse- The Grande Casse is the highest mountain of the Vanoise Massif in the Graian Alps in the region of Savoie, France.
4. Mont Pourri- The second highest peak of the Massif de la Vanoise is the Mont Pourri. It is found in the Graian Alps and located in Vanoise National Park.

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