What is The National Parks of Australia?

Australia is a ‘Continental Island Nation’ Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. The nation, which is also a subcontinent, covers an expansive land area estimated to total 2,969,907 square miles. There are over 500 national parks in Australia which take up close to 4% of the nation’s land Area. National Parks Of Australia:

1. Kakadu National Park- Kakadu National Park is expansive and is in the Northern Territory of Australia. It is the largest national park in Australia and covers an area of 7,646 square miles.
2. Kosciuszko National Park- The park has an alpine climate and is part of the Australian Alps National Parks and Reserves.
3. Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park- Uluru stands at 348 meters above the ground and has a circumference of 9.4 kilometers. The park traditionally belonged to the Anangu Aboriginals who are actively involved in managing it.

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