What is The National Parks of Colombia?

Coastal/Marine, High Mountain, Savannah/Desert, Páramo, and Jungle/Forest. Each is unique to one another, featuring a wide variety of landscapes, plants, and animals.

Biological diversity is celebrated by nature enthusiasts who come to see such a wide range in one country. Top 3 National Parks In Colombia:

1.Tayrona National Park- Crystal clear Caribbean water surrounds Colombia’s northern coast, making it a hot beach spot for tourists and scientists. The park covers almost 60 square miles of beaches, lagoons, bays, and mountains, with archeological sites in between.
2. Los Nevados National Park- Hot springs, lakes, even a waterfall, and mountains can all be found in this park! Thousands of nature enthusiasts come here every year to hike, cycle, camp, cave dive, and climb just about every mountain, glacier, and cliff face around.
3. Tuparro National Park- Tuparro is a national monument and biosphere reserve protecting habitats tucked away in valleys, rivers, and streams.

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