What is The National Parks of France?

The Government of France has Established 10 National parks within its borders and international territories. Seven of these are located in France, and 3 are located abroad. Together, these protected parks cover an area of 1,430 square miles and 3,537 square miles of buffer area. The 3 National Parks Of France:

1. Pyrénées National Park, Midi-Pyrénées- Golden eagles and bearded vultures soar above the red and yellow Train d’Artouste, which travels a narrow-gauge, vertiginous 10 kilometres from La Sagette summit to Lake Artouste and provides amazing views of the massif and its valleys.

2. Landes de Gascogne Natural Regional Park, Aquitaine- Freshwater from the river Leyre merges with seawater from the Arcachon basin in this picturesque nature park south of Bordeaux.

3. Mercantour National Park, Provence Alpes Côte-d’azur- Mercantour has a central, heavily protected core of 685 sq km where visitors are only allowed to walk and a bigger, peripheral area of 28 mountain villages.

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