What is The National Parks of Iran?

Iran is a mountainous country found on the Persian Gulf. In addition to the mountains, Iran is home to desert basins, expansive plains, vast rivers, and dense rain forests. Iran has established national parks, wild refuge, and protected areas where visitors get a glimpse of the beautiful landscape. Some of the top National Parks:

1. Golestan National Park:– Golestan National Park is also referred to as Golestan jungle. It is situated in the northwestern region of Iran. The park covers an area of 355 square miles.

2. Kavir National Park:– The park is comprised of desert land and steppes. Animals that inhabit the park include Indian wolves, striped hyenas, Asiatic cheetahs, and gazelles. It has an area of 1500 square miles.

3. Khar Turan National Park:– Khar Turan National Park is Iran’s second largest wildlife reserve. The park covers an area of 5,405 square miles.

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