What is The National River of Colombia?

Colombia is a country located in South America that has coasts in the Pacific Ocean and in the Caribbean Sea. The country is a unitary presidential republic.

Colombia has for main drainage systems and a network of rivers. Major Rivers Found in Colombia:

1. Amazon- The Amazon is the largest river by discharge globally and is also considered to be the longest by some measures. It flows from Rio Mantaro and flows a distance of 4,345 miles to drain in the Atlantic Ocean.

2. Caqueta- It is also known as River Japura and is 1,750 miles long. It flows southeast into Brazil where it is called the Japura and enters the Amazon River through a network of channels.

3. Negro- It has a length of 1,386 miles. It contains endemic species of fauna and flora. Its source of water is the Mahaweli River which is the longest in the island.

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