What is The National River of England?

What is The National River of England?

England is a land of exquisite waterways and the lush vegetation that surround these. In addition to their natural beauty, however, the country’s rivers fulfil many useful and necessary requirements. Some National River of England:

1. The River Thames- This river’s source is in Gloucestershire, but it passes through the southern England counties of Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey, Essex, Kent and Greater London too.

2. The Mersey River- The Mersey River is important due to its having a port in the city of Liverpool. It is approximately 112 kilometres (or 70 miles) long and passes through the counties of Merseyside and Cheshire. Its basin measures 4 680 square kilometres, which equals about 1 807 square miles.

3. The Tyne River- The Severn River is the longest river that flows through England and measures 354 kilometres or 220 miles in length. Its basin has an area of 11 420 square kilometres or 4 409 square miles.


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