What is The National River of Ireland?

Ireland is a land of many lakes, rivers, and mountains, shrouded as much in mythology as it is in its gentle misty climate. It is a fertile breeding ground for tales of mystical Gods, powerful warriors and the beautiful, enchanting folk of the Sidhe. Some Rivers of Ireland:

1. The River Shannon:- Ireland’s longest river is the Shannon, Abhainn na Sionainne in Irish. It flows south and west from Co. Cavan for 240 miles (386km), touching seventeen of Ireland’s counties and forming three lakes en-route – Lough Allen, Lough Ree, and Lough Derg – before finally emptying into the Atlantic Ocean.

2. The River Barrow:- The River Barrow, An Bhearú in Irish, is second to the Shannon at 119 miles (192km) long. With the rivers Suir and Nore, it forms the Three Sisters.

3. The River Suir:- The beautiful River Suir, Abhainn na Siúre in Irish, is another of the Three Sisters and flows 115 miles (185km) from the slopes of the Devil’s Bit Mountain, Bearnán Éile in Irish, Co. Tipperary, into the Atlantic at Waterford.

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