What is The National River of Italy?

Longest Rivers in Italy:

1. Po River- The Po is the largest River in Italy, Stretching a Total length of 405 miles and Draining a Basin Area of 28,572 Square miles.

2. Adige- The Adige river flows for a distance of 255 miles and has a basin of 4,672 square miles.

3. Tiber- The River flows from Mount Fumaaiolo to the Tyrrhenian Sea, a Distance of 242 Miles. It Passes Through Umbria and Lazio and is the Primary source of Water for the City of Rome.

4. Tanaro- The Tanaro is one of the Major Tributaries of the Po River and flows a distance of 171 miles from the Ligurian Alps from the slopes of Monte Saccarello.

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