What is The National Song of El Salvador?

“National Anthem of El Salvador” is the National Song of El Salvador. The lyrics of National Song were written by General Juan José Cañas in 1856, with music composed by the Italian Juan Aberle in 1879. The anthem was adopted on September 15, 1879, and officially approved by the regime on December 11, 1953.

English Translation of National Song:

Let us salute, the Motherland,
proud to be called its children,
And let us spiritedly swear our lives
to consecrate it’s good without rest! (2x,).

Of peace and in supreme happiness
El Salvador always nobly dreamed of.
To achieve this has been Her eternal proposition,
To keep it, Her greatest glory.
And with unwavering faith, the path of progress
She strives to follow, to follow
To fulfil Her greatest destiny
And conquer a happy future.
A stern barrier protects Her
Against the clash of vile disloyalty,
Ever since the day when Her soaring Flag,
Wrote “Freedom” with Its blood.
Wrote Freedom. (3x)

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