What is the State Flower of Georgia?

Cherokee rose is the state flower of Georgia. It was designated as the official state flower of Georgia in 1916. The name “Cherokee Rose” is resultant from the Cherokee (Native American tribe). They distributed the plant widely. It is waxy white with a big golden center which is surrounded by bright green leaves. The Cherokee rose is a robust plant with anabundance of thorns. It blooms in early spring. The rose is the State Flower of the US too, and Georgia is one of numerous states that have accepted roses as an official symbol: it is the state flower of New York. The Oklahoma rose is a symbol of Oklahoma, and the wild prairie rose is the state flower of Iowa and North Dakota.

State Flower of Georgia Facts —

The State Flower of Georgia– Cherokee rose is the most distinguished and significantly most beloved flower in the universe. Rose has more than 100 different species, lion’s share of which is growing in Asia. The rest grows is Europe, North America and Africa. Due to the commercial breeding in present time Roses are available all over the world. As the Rose cultivation started in 500 years BC, the variety of Roses reach more than 13000. State Flower of Georgia, Rose grows in full Sun to partly shade, in humus-rich, well-drains and moist soil. Its dense stems are covered in prickles.

The leaves of rose are innately compound with 5 to 9 leaflets with a corrugated surface. Many of the countries adopted the Rose as their national Flower such as Bulgaria, Czech, Ecuador, Georgia, Luxemburg, Maldives, Rumania and Slovakia. And it is also the state flower of Georgia, Georgia, Iowa and North Dakota. The Rose has great historical importance for the Egyptians and Romans. Romans decorated their rooms with colorful Roses. The Rose represents different symbols by color species. Cherokee rose is the symbol of Love, white is the symbol of purity, orange of excitement, pink of delight and yellow of friendship. The dark Cherokee rose is known as black. It is a symbol of sorrow or symbol of separation. In Mythology, the rose is associated with Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, which has often been illustrated with roses around her head, feet and neck.

It is also said that a rosebush has grown in the heart of Adonis’ blood pool, the murdered lover of Aphrodite. In Christian mythology, it is also said that a rosebush would have grown on the site of the death of Christ. The Cherokee rose, the State Flower of Georgia has lots of health and nutritious value. Potassium, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Calcium, Carbohydrate, Iron, Dietary fiber, and Calories are found in the Rose petals. Many herbal medicines are made from Rose petals and hip (fruit of Rose is called hip). Hip varies according to species. Some of hips are extremely rich in Vitamin C. Jam, jelly can made from rose hip.

To sum up, rose is the symbol of love & beauty, honor, faith, devotion, passion and sensuality. It is the favorite flower of the people of Georgia and it is the state flower of Georgia.


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