What is the State Flower of New Mexico?

The Yucca glauca or Yucca is the state flower of New Mexico. Its scientific name is Yucca glauca. It belongs to the Agavaceae family. Yucca is the genus of the Yucca and its species is A. tridentata. The New Mexico’s state flower Yucca glauca is commonly known as Yucca, Joshua Tree, Spanish Bayonet, Spanish Dagger, Soaptree, it also known as small soapweed, soapweed yucca, Spanish bayonet, Great Plains yucca and beargrass.

The Yucca glauca or Yucca is a strong pungent fragrance, woody shrub, or small tree those are native to California north to central North America that take place from the Canadian Prairies of Alberta and Saskatchewan in Canada; south through the Great Plains to Texas and New Mexico in the United States
The yucca state flower emblem of New Mexico have been selected by the choice of New Mexico schoolchildren, which was happened through the Federation of Women’s Clubs,New Mexico and it was duly approved by the eighth regular session of the legislature of New Mexico. House Bill No. 371, naming the “Yucca flower” the “official Flower of the State of New Mexico” was adopted on March 14, 1927.

State Flower of New Mexico Facts:


The leaves of New Mexico’s state flower Yucca glauca or Yucca are develops harsh, piercing, sword-shaped, which is grow in spirals. The Leaves has pointed spines on its tips with green or bluish colored that covered with white, yellowish or creamy stripes. Yucca flowers are contains both types of reproductive organs. The yucca blossoms are generates creamy white or pink flowers clusters, bell shaped, which is developed on top of the long stalks. It is flourishing during the spring and early summer. Yucca flowers are growing up to 6-7 cm long in a thin panicle. The flowers are slanting downwards during the day and it upwards during the night. Yucca glauca release pleasant aroma, which is especially outstanding to attract yucca moths during the night those are responsible for the pollination of this plant.

The New Mexico’s state flower Yucca glauca or Yucca grows in hot, arid conditions. It preferred dry, sandy, well-drained soil and such type of areas that provide enough sun. The Peoples of New Mexico cultivate yucca as a potential source of food, medicine and also ornamental purposes.
The yucca glauca is very useful plants. Each and every part of the Yucca is essential for various aspects. The root of the Yucca plant was used for manufacturing of soaps and shampoos. The leaves fiber has been used for manufacturing of ropes and dental floss. A variety of native ethnic groups used yucca produces sandals, clothes, baskets and mats.

Indigenous Americans are using yucca in their traditional treatment of arthritis, painful joints, inflammation, skin injuries, sprains and to stop the bleeding. Yucca extract of can be also used in treatment of liver and kidney disorders, hypertension, migraine, wounds and hypercholesterolemia.
The state flower of New Mexico, USA is undoubtedly an eye-catching beauty that grows in plenty throughout the state. Because of its stunning gorgeousness and the frequent occurrence in nature in New Mexico, it was a natural fit for the state to choose.










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