What is the State flower of Tennessees?

Iris is the state flower of Tennessee. Iris Germanica is the scientific name of Tennessee’s state flower Iris. It comes from Iridaecae family. Once it was cultivated on the house roof in Japan and China so that it also known as roof Iris. Mainly it is native to central and southern Europe and hot & humid southeastern America. Every country deserves to designate their state emblems to signifying their own identity. It may be designed or visual object but it should be represents quality, type expression and culture etc. Whereas flower is one of the important parts of state emblem, it should traditional or religious back ground, which took back hundreds or thousands of years. On the other hand it can select on the basis of public interest or popularity. Iris means ‘rainbow’ in Greek language. There are mind blowing colors have in Iris flower like orange, pink, white brown, blue, purple and lavender. If the gardener planted Iris plant in the same part of the garden with the color variety, it can shows rainbow spectrum at the time of blooming. The people of Tennessee enormously attracted to Iris like other countries and causing with the state body happily adopted the Iris as the state flower and flower symbol of Tennessee in 1933.

State Flower Tennessees Facts:
Common Name: Tennessees Iris. Rhizomatous Iris, Bearded Iris, German Iris, Iris Kochi, Blue flag Iris
Genus: Iris
Species: I. germanica
Found in: Native to Central Europe and hot & humid southeastern America
Color: orange, pink, white brown, blue, purple and lavender
Number of petals: 6
Time of blooming:June or early summer.
Habitat: Ornamental, gardens, roadsides, shores, sometimes wild.
Symbolism: Royalty, Hope, Faith, Bravery and Wisdom.

The state flower of Tennessee – Iris has some common names known as Rhizomatous Iris, Bearded Iris, German Iris, Iris Kochi, Blue flag Iris and also three groups those are draft, intermediate and tall. Tall Irises are bearded and it is populous for home gardening and landscapes. Iris kochii is native to northern Italy and it has deep blue-purple flowers. All the variety and type of Iris flower have long stalk. It has six petals which three are upward and rest three sagging down. Iris plant belong 3 to 10 sword shape bluish-green leaves. The stem of Iris erected up to 38” and can produced more than 10 buds. At least 300 variety of Iris cultivates all over the world. Most of the Iris in all variety and color are originated of Asia and Europe. After flourishing the Iris flower lasting only three days. They attract bees and humming bird though its fragrance. Bees and humming bird take responsibility for pollinate the flowers.

It grows in rich and well drained moist soil with full of sun naturally near river banks, foot of the cold rocky hills, and semi-desert area. Usually the Iris flower are being consider as ornamental flower, decoration of hoses and beautification of lawn and premises. It also used in may purposes. In the ancient Indian and Egyptian culture Iris rhizomes were uses for making perfume that offer to the gods and orris bi-product also used to religious purpose. Also some of the medicines are made of Iris root. They are the medicine for Syphilis, dropsy, Stomach problem and skin infection. Iris flower can signify emotions on the basis of color. Like as, purple iris for wisdom, white for purity, blue for faith and yellow for passion. Iris is not only the state flower of Tennessee but also the national flower of Algeria, Jordan France

To sum up, Iris is the people’s favorite state flower of Tennessee. It is the state symbol of Tennessee, which symbolizes Royalty, Hope, Faith, Bravery and Wisdom.





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