What is the State Flower of Wyoming?

The Indian paintbrush or Castillija linariaefolia is the state flower of Wyoming. Its scientific name is Castillija linariaefolia. It belongs to the Scrophulariaceae family. Castillija is the genus of the Indian paintbrush and its species is C. inariaefolia. The Wyoming’s state flower Indian paintbrush or Castillija linariaefolia is commonly known Wyoming Indian paintbrush, narrow-leaved Indian paintbrush, desert paintbrush, Wyoming desert paintbrush, Wyoming paintbrush, linaria-leaved Indian Paintbrush, and Indian paintbrush.

The Wyoming’s state flower Indian paintbrush or Castillija linariaefolia is a perennial plant, which are mostly found throughout of British Columbia, also native to the USA state of Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Wyoming. Indian paintbrush or Castillija linariaefolia flowers are the most popular flower in Wyoming due to its eye-catching color and beautiful appearance.

On the basis of the facts that’s stated above, the Law makers of Wyoming selected the Indian paintbrush blossoms for the state floral emblem by an act of the Fourteenth State Legislature convened in Cheyenne and approved on January 31, 1917, made the Indian paintbrush (Castilleja linariaefolia) the official state flower of Wyoming.

State Flower of Wyoming Facts:


The Wyoming’s state flower Indian paintbrush or Castillija linariaefolia grows in moist, dry areas, and sandy grassland. The seeds of the Indian Paintbrush generally grow in the fall and flourish in the next spring without pre-treatment. The plants grow well in full sun and also can grow partial of shade. It has strong ability to grow in serpentine soils and stay alive by handling the stressful amounts of high magnesium, low calcium and overloaded quantity of metals such as chromium and nickel. While, most of the species of Castillija have not survives in the same atmosphere. The height of the Indian paintbrush ranges from 1 to 2 feet tall. This flower exhibits different shades of orange, red and sometimes yellow.
The Indian Paintbrush the state flower of Wyoming is a semi-parasitic plants. The plants have to attach to the tubes of host foliage by their roots. It sucked their nutrients and even water from the host plants.The plants of Indian paintbrush have been propagated by separating rhizomes, tubers, corms or bulbs.

The blossoms of the Wyoming’s state flower Indian paintbrush are edible; however it must be eaten in small quantities. It will soak up selenium; a potentially toxic, alkaline mineral composite in the soil, Indain Paintbrush can be take pleasure in restraint with salads. It is also used as traditional medicine by the Chippewa Indians. They have use as a remedy to treat rheumatism and also use as a bath rinse to make their hair glossy.


The state flower of Wyoming, USA is undoubtedly an eye-catching beauty that grows in plenty throughout the state. Because of its stunning gorgeousness and the frequent occurrence in nature in Wyoming, it was a natural fit for the state to choose.

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