What is the state horse of Maryland?

The thoroughbred is the state horse of Maryland. Equuscaballus is the scientific name of the thoroughbred. The thoroughbred was adopted as the official state horse of Maryland in 2003. The law designating the Thoroughbred horse as the official Maryland state horse is found in the Maryland Statutes, Title 13, Section 13-318.

State Horse of Maryland facts—

Maryland state horse, Thoroughbreds are one of the fastest animals in the world. The Thoroughbred is a type of horse which is renowned for speed and fortitude. Thoroughbred are characteristically stand between 15-17 hands in height. Most of them weigh between 1,000-1,200 pounds. The Thoroughbreds are famous as racehorses, but are prevalent in other riding sports such as polo, hunting, and even ting too. They are very courageous and very alert horse.

State horse of Maryland, Thoroughbreds are hot-blooded horse. Outside of the track, the thoroughbreds are used in police work, horsey-aided therapy, and job-related training in correctional amenities too. All thoroughbreds trace their ancestry to 3 stallions carried to Great Britain from the Middle East over 300 years ago. Recognized as the “Foundation Stallions” they are the Byerly Turk, the Darley Arabian, and the Godolphin Arabian.

They were raised to native horses to yield a breed that could withstand speed over a prolonged distance. The thoroughbred has been discerningly bred for these potentials ever since. American thoroughbred lineages are recorded in the American Stud Book, first amassed by Colonel Sanders Bruce of Maryland in 1873. Kentucky also adopted the thoroughbred as an official state symbol. Thoroughbreds are time and again some of the most luxurious horses in the world.



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