What is the State Marine Mammal of Alaska?

The Bowhead whale is the State Marine Mammal of Alaska. The Bowhead whale was titledas Alaska’s official state marine mammal in 1983.Balaenamysticetus is the scientific name of The Bowhead whale. The law entitling the bowhead whale as the official Alaska state marine mammal is found in the 2004 Alaska Statutes, specifically Title 44 (State Government), Chapter 09 (State Seal, Flag, and Emblems), Section 075 (State Marine Mammal.).

The State Marine Mammal of Alaska facts—

The origin of the name ‘Bowhead whale’ is their bow-shaped jaw which looks like the bow of an archer. StateMarine Mammal of Alaska, The Bowhead whale are considered to be the longest living mammal and one of the weightiest animals alive. They reach maturity between the ages of 10 – 15 and acompletely matured the bowhead whale can grow up to 66 ft.

They weigh as much as 100 tons.They have a fairly thick and round shaped body. Their body is largest in the middle but candles down towards the flukes.The bowhead whale’s skin is dark grayish black and it has a white mark on the lower snout. The bowhead whale eats small prey such as plankton, krill, copepods and tiny crustaceans.

Alaska’s state marine mammal, thebowhead whales have baleen plates that have extendedreedy bristles attached to them.The bowhead whale is known as a skimmer.They remain in the arctic or sub-arctic waters all year round.They are solitary and are extremely vocal. They use underwater sounds to converse with other whales during the feeding time, roaming and when searching for a mating partner.

Throughout reproduction it is typical to find numerous males baying to one or two females in an effort to be the selected mating partner.A healthy bowhead whale may live for up to 200 years. This makes it the 2longest known living mammal on earth.



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