What Is The State Tree of Arizona?

Blue Palo Verde is the State Tree of Arizona. Parkinsonia Florida is the scientific name of Blue Palo Verde and it is commonly known as Blue Palo Verde. It is also called green pole or stick in Spanish. Parkinsonia is the genus of the Blue Palo Verde and P. Florida is its species. Arizona’s State tree Blue Palo Verde is belonged from the family of Fabaceae, which is mostly native to the Sonoran Colorado Desert of southeastern California, and the Sonoran Deserts of southern Arizona and of northwestern Sonora State of Mexico. It is also found predominantly in desert washes or bajadas, a result of its need for water, although rarely it can be found in creosote desert scrub environment, accessing oozes in desert hills up to 3,600 feet (1,100 m). Also grows in the far eastern Mojave Desert of California in the ‘upper’ Lower Colorado River Valley, and irregularly in the Mojave’s mountains.

When state bodies select a symbol for the state it should be represented extraordinary design, quality, availability, expression, and usefulness, cultural, traditional and religious background, which go back thousands of years or its popularities. It is a well-known tree all over the state Arizona for its distinctive beauty. On the basis of the facts mentioned above The State Legislature of Arizona has designated the Palo Verde Tree (Genera Cercidium) as the official state tree of Arizona in 1954. The genus has been updated to Parkinsonia.The Arizona House of Representatives approved House Bill No. 227 on March 23, 1954, and the Senate followed suit on April 3, 1954. Governor John Howard Pyle signed this legislation less than a week later on April 9, 1954

The Facts of the State Tree of Arizona [Blue Palo Verde]

At least three species of palo Verde are found in the desert Southwest, which are; blue palo Verde (Parkinsonia florida), formerly (Cercidium floridum), foothill palo Verde (Parkinsonia microphylla), formerly (Cercidium microphyllum) and ‘Desert Museum’ palo Verde (Parkinsonia x ‘Desert Museum’)
Arizona’s State tree Blue Palo Verde is one of the fast growing and drought tolerant plant. Supplemental watering encourages faster growth but it may cause of weak limbs and shortened lifespan. It is recommended to decrease or discontinue supplemental water when the plants have established. It prefers partial shade rather than deep shade. This may be provided by placing them on the east side of a shrub, rock or wall, where they will get direct sunshine in the morning while being spared the full brunt of the hot afternoon sun. In modern era Palo Verde has become more popular for non-desert gardens.

To sum up, Blue Palo Verde tree is the people’s favorite State Tree of Arizona, which outstandingly represents and glorifies the spirit of Arizona culture.

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