What Is The State Tree of New Hampshire?

White birch is the State Tree of New Hampshire. Betula papyrifera is the scientific name of White birch and it is commonly known as paper birch, canoe birch and silver birch. It is also called as “Queen Of The Woods,” in New Hampshire. Betula is the genus of the White birch and B. papyrifera is its species. The New Hampshire’s State tree White birch is belongs from the family of Betulaceae. The White birch is native to in interior and south-central Alaska and in all provinces and territories of Canada, except Nunavut, as well as the northern continental United States, south to Pennsylvania and Washington, with small remote populations further south in mountains to North Carolina, New Mexico, and Colorado.

When a state bodies select a symbol for the state it should be represent extra ordinary design, quality, availability, expression, and usefulness, cultural, traditional and religious back ground, which go back thousands of years or its popularities. On basis of the facts that stated above, the state General Assembly of New Hampshire designated the White birch as the official state tree of New Hampshire on May 22, 1947.

Facts about New Hampshire’s State Tree (White birch)

The New Hampshire’s state tree the White birch plants needed well-drained soil, adequate moisture and direct sunlight for the proper growth. It is generally grows well adjacent to the lakes and rivers. There are more than 60 varieties of birch are grows in the moderate climates throughout the world. Due to super quality wood and decorative morphology the birch are apparently cultivated.

The white birch tree has lot of medicinal properties. It encourages the digestive system and aid in better digestion. Its nutrients are also helpful in intensification the bones and heightening the overall immunity. Professional is usually recommended to soaking birch tree leaves in apple cider vinegar for several weeks, which is help to release its minerals and micronutrients. The leaves and twigs of the birch tree are being uses for medicinal purposes. The leaves and twigs are habitually boiled to make anti-inflammatory treatments. Birch tree has betulinic acid, which gives it its anti-inflammatory properties and that be helpful in treating conditions like arthritis, high cholesterol, heart and kidney edema, and cystitis.

To sum up, White birch is the people’s favorite State Tree of New Hampshire, which is an official State tree symbol of New Hampshire, which is outstandingly represents and glorifies the spirit of New Hampshire culture.





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