What Is The State tree of Tennessee?

Tulip poplar is the state tree of Tennessee. It is commonly known as Tulip-poplar, also called Tulip-poplar, white-poplar, and whitewood, American tulip tree, whitewood, fiddle-tree, and yellow poplar, which are scientifically known as Liriodendron tulipiferaand. Tennessee’s state tree Tulip poplar is a tree, which comes from Magnoliaceae – Magnolia family. Tulip poplar is belongs the genus of Liriodendron with the species of L. tulipiferaand.

It is native to eastern North America from Southern Ontario and Illinois, eastward to southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island, and south to central Florida and Louisiana. Tulip poplar is the most favorite tree among the people of Tennessee and widely cultivated throughout the state. It is now cultivated many parts of the world. When a state bodies select a symbol for the state it should be represent extra ordinary design, quality, availability, expression, and usefulness, cultural, traditional and religious back ground, which go back thousands of years or its popularities. On the basis of the above mentioned facts, the Tulip poplar has been designated as the official state tree of Tennessee duly approved by the state legislature in 1947. It is not only the state tree of Tennessee but also the official tree of Kentucky, and Indiana.

Facts about State Tree of Tennessee [Tulip poplar]

Tennessee’s state tree Tulip poplar can rise to 50m or more in virgin bay forests of the Appalachian Mountains. It can reaches up to 25m in height frequently without any branches, which are making its most precious timber tree. It is one of the fast-growing trees that can able to cultivate without the general evils of weak wood strength and short existence, which are frequently found in other fast-growing species of trees. It is also one of the tallest and attractive species of eastern hardwoods. The Tulip poplar or yellow poplar needs deep rich, well-drained soils and prefers forest cove or bays and lower peak slopes, where they may be stay more than 300 years of life.

The Tennessee’s state tree Tulip poplar wood has commercially significance due to its versatility and as an alternate for increasingly scarce softwoods, fine grained, light, easily worked, durable, brittle, it is not so strong but does not split reasonably used in furniture, plywood and framing construction. It is also appreciated as a honey tree, source of wildlife food, and a shade tree for big areas.

The Tennessee’s state tree Tulip poplar has many medicinal properties. The inner bark of the Tulip poplar tree is strongly pungent bitter, particularly its root; it is used domestically as a diuretic, tonic and refreshment. The raw green bark is also chewed as an aphrodisiac. It also serves to correct the bitterness of the beer. The tea that made from the bark Tulip poplar have been used as the remedy of indigestion, dysentery, rheumatism, coughs, fevers etc.

To sum up, The State tree of Tennessee, Tulip poplar symbolizes the Devotion, safety, fertility, loyalty, passion, desire, determination, Illusion for Tennessee and the state spirit, pride and identity of Tennessee.






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