Who Are The Founders of Italy?

There Are Two Categories Of Founders of Italy:

Before 1861
1. Caesar Augustus organized Italia and the Italicus Populus during the Roman Empire.
2. Charlemagne first created a Kingdom of Italy in medieval times.
3. Napoleone Bonaparte was the first to use the title of President of the Italian Republic.

Modern Italy:
1. King Vittorio Emanuele II, Giuseppe Garibaldi, Prime minister Count di Cavour and Giuseppe Mazzini have been referred to as the Four Fathers of the Fatherland. Italy was unified in 1861 and Rome became its capital in 1870.

2. The Members of the Assemblea Costituente (The Constituent Assembly of 1946–1947) are considered the “fathers” of the Italian Republic, which replaced the Monarchy after a referendum in 1946. Prominent members among them included Alcide De Gasperi, the communist Palmiro Togliatti and Vittorio Emanuele Orlando, the “Premier of victory” in WWI.

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