Who Are The National Heroes of Australia?

The Australian National heroes are an integral part of Australia’s history and culture and they represent the nation’s identity. Some of the Famous National heroes of Australia are Daniel Henry Deniehy, Ned Kelly, Henry Lawson, “Banjo” Paterson and Jack Lang. Australian National Heroes:

1. Daniel Henry Deniehy- Born on 16 August 1828 in Sydney, Daniel Henry Deniehy was a thorough republican patriot who led his life in accordance with his own principles.

2. Ned Kelly- Known as an Outlaw and folk hero, Ned Kelly had his first encounter with the law at the tender age of 14 years when he was charged with beating up a Chinese man.

3. Henry Lawson- Born on 17 June, 1867 on the Grenfell goldfields, Henry Lawson was one of the most renowned Australian writers whose poetry and short stories are widely read even today. His works sketch the progress of Australia’s national unity.

4. Jack Lang- John Thomas Land, born in 21 December 1876, was

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