Who Is The Father of The Nation of Argentina?

José de San Martin Consider As The Father of The Nation of Argentina. He is known as the Liberator of Argentina, Chile, and Peru. José de San Martin was born in Yapeyú, a village on the northern border of Argentina, on February 25, 1778.

After learning about the dispute between the Spanish and the natives of Argentina, San Martin resigned from the Spanish army and joined the patriot forces (the Argentine). A few years after arriving in South America, on July 9, 1816, Argentina was able to declare its independence.

Soon after, he became a military governor of the north against Spanish forces in Upper Peru (modern-day Peru). By May 15, 1818, San Martin was able to free Chile from Spanish rule. On July 28, 1821, he was able to also free Peru from the Spanish and accepted to be the supreme protector of Peru.

When San Martin felt there was a dispute over leadership of Peru with Simón Bolívar, he decided to resign and choose to live his life away from war.

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