Who Is The Father of The Nation of Egypt?

Saad Zaghlul Is The Father of The Nation of Egypt. Saad Zaghlul Is The The Founder of Independent Egypt (1859–August 23, 1927). The leader Saad Zaghlul and other members joined the Wafd Party in 1919.

The Revolution led to Britain’s recognition of Egyptian Independence in 1922. The Wafd Party drafted a new constitution based on a parliamentary representative system in 1923. Saad Zaglul became the first popularly elected Prime Minister of Egypt in 1924.

After World War I was concluded, a delegation of Egyptian nationalists led by Saad Zaghloul, otherwise known as the Wafd party,
made a request to High Commissioner Reginald Wingate to end the British protectorate and gain Egyptian representation at the next peace conference in Paris.

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