Who Is The Founder of Brunei?

Brunei’s Monarch Sultan Muhammad Embraced Islam and Founded a Dynasty which Continues today – making Brunei’s monarchy the oldest unbroken reigning dynasty in the world.
Ancient History of Brunei:
Long ago, Awang Alak Betatar and his 13 brothers lived in Garang. One day, he was called by his brothers for a meeting. The meeting was about to move to another place.

A week later, his brothers began to search for a new place and they find a comfortable place called Butir.Then the brothers went back home to tell him that they just found a new place.Awang Alak Betatar agreed with them.

A week later, Awang Alak Betatar and his brothers went to Butir and they began to clear the area.Then they set up their own house and Awang Alak Betatar became the first ruler of Brunei.

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