Who Is The National Poet of Iran?

Iran has No official National Poet. Through the centuries, Persian potters have responded to the demands and changes brought by political turmoil by adopting and refining newly introduced forms and blending them into their own culture.

This innovative attitude has survived through time and influenced many other cultures around the world. Some Famous Poet of Iran:

1. Ferdowsi:- Ferdowsi is perhaps Iran’s most famous poet, credited for writing the Shahnameh, the national epic of the Persian speaking world and the longest work of epic poetry ever written, composed of over 60,000 verses.

2. Hafez:- A hugely influential poet, Hafez went on to inspire generations of new poets both in Iran and in the wider world, including Goethe, who wrote his poetry collection the West-östlicher Diwan as a tribute to Hafez and his style.

3. Omar Khayyam:- Born in 11th century Iran, Omar Khayyam was a greatly influential intellectual figure, whose works spanned the fields of astronomy, mathematics, philosophy and poetry.

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