The World Map | Large, Printable, Children Choice

The World Map displays all the continents, countries’ names of the world as well as all the oceans. The Children Choice World Map also has a compass that shows the direction and the position of the North Pole. This Map of World is a useful resource for school children who wish to learn about the various aspects of world geography.

Moreover, this Children Choice World Map is a useful aid for teachers and parents as well. This post includes a printable map of the world, a large map of the world with country names.

As per estimation, only one-eighth of Earth’s surface is appropriate for the habitation of human beings. According to the Large Map of World, oceans cover three-quarters of the earth’s surface, and the remaining one-quarter of the land is either desert (14%), high mountains (27%), or other unsuitable terrains.

The total landmass of The World Map is formed of seven continents of various sizes. Some are connected to each other while others are not. All of them have different areas and a number of countries forming them.

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