list of National Drink all the Country

What Is The National Drink of United States?

There Is No official Record Of National Drink In United States. But American whiskey, bourbon, Tennessee whiskey, rye whiskey, and moonshine Those Consider As The National Drink Of United States. From Those Drink bourbon Is Very Famous. America embraced Bourbon to the Highest extent, Declaring it the “National Spirit of America” in 1964

National Drink of China

Baijiu Consider As The National Drink Of China. It Is Usually Called as ”White Wine”. But It Has Incredibly Strong Spirit About 40–60% Alcohol by Volume. It Is Made By The Brewing and Distillation of Sorghum, Rice, Wheat or Other Grains.

National Drink of bangladesh

There are no Secific national drink in Bangladesh. Cha-freshly-grown tea from the Sylhet tea gardens offers the most ancient drink in the world.It Is Most famous drink in Bangladesh. Some other drinks Lassi- plain yoghurt blended with milk, sugar and ice offers another cool refreshing drink. Those are also famous drink in Bangladesh