Map of Gainesville City | Political, Geography And Road Map

Map of Gainesville City | Political, Geography And Road Map

Gainesville is a city in Alachua County, Florida, United States. It is the county seat of Alachua County. The city is located in north-central Florida, about 75 miles (121 km) northwest of Orlando and 60 miles (97 km) northeast of Tampa.

Fast Facts

  • Founded in 1854, Gainesville has a rich history with deep-rooted ties to the University of Florida, one of the nation’s premier educational institutions.
  • The city covers an area of approximately 62.4 square miles (161.6 square kilometers).
  • Gainesville boasts a diverse population and is known for its cultural diversity, including a vibrant music and arts scene.
  • Home to numerous parks, nature preserves, and natural springs, it’s no wonder that outdoor enthusiasts find their paradise here.

 Political Map of Gainesville City

Gainesville is governed by a Mayor-Commissioner form of government, with a city commission comprising seven members who are elected by the residents. The city is known for its progressive policies and active civic engagement.

Geography Map of Gainesville City

Gainesville has a humid subtropical climate, with hot, humid summers and mild winters. The average temperature in January is 63°F (17°C), and the average temperature in July is 87°F (31°C). The city receives an average of 52 inches (132 cm) of precipitation per year.

 Road Map of Gainesville City

  • The Gainesville Regional Transit System (GRTA), which provides bus service throughout the city and county.
  • The SunRail commuter rail system, which connects Gainesville to Orlando and Sanford.
  • The University of Florida Campus Shuttle, which provides free bus service to students, faculty, and staff of the university.
  • The Gainesville Regional Airport, which offers commercial flights to a variety of destinations.
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