Map of Wichita City | Political, Blank, Geography And Road Map

Wichita City, also known as the “Air Capital of the World,” is located in south-central Kansas, United States. It is the largest city in the state and serves as the county seat of Sedgwick County. Wichita City occupies an area of approximately 165 square miles (427 square kilometers), encompassing both urban and suburban areas.

Political Map of Wichita City

Wichita City operates under a mayor-council form of government, with the mayor serving as the city’s chief executive. The city council, consisting of representatives from different districts, collaborates with the mayor to make important decisions and set policies that shape the city’s progress.

Geographical Map of Wichita City

Wichita City is situated in south-central Kansas, spread across Sedgwick County. Its strategic location on the Arkansas River has contributed to its prominence as a transportation and commercial hub. The city encompasses a diverse landscape, with the picturesque Flint Hills to the east and the rolling plains stretching westward. Wichita City experiences a continental climate, characterized by hot summers and cold winters, making it a city of distinct seasons.

Blank Map of Wichita City

Known as the “Air Capital of the World,” this bustling city combines a rich history, diverse culture, and a promising future.

Road Map of Wichita City

The road system in Wichita City is well-developed, designed to facilitate efficient transportation within and beyond the city limits. The major highways that intersect and connect the city include Interstate 35, Interstate 135, and U.S. Route 54. These highways provide convenient access to other major cities in Kansas and neighboring states.

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