National Flag Of Azerbaijan

The Flag Of Azerbaijan Was Adopted On November 9, 1918. The Azerbaijan National Flag Symbolizes the aspirations and sentiments of the Azerbaijani people in their continuous struggle for independence. The Flag is the symbol of sovereignty that stands as a manifestation of the unity of the Azerbaijani people. The Current Tricolor National Flag Of Azerbaijan witnessed the magnificent events of our history.

On October 18, 1991, Azarbaijan gain independence and a tricolor National Flag that existed in the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, the first-ever democratic republic in the Orient, again began waving as the National flag of the independent Azerbaijan Republic. The Author of the tricolored Azerbaijan National Flag of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic was a famous Azerbaijani scientist, philosopher, artist, and doctor Ali bey Huseynzade. This Flag was later adopted as the flag of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The Azerbaijan National Flag Consists of three equally wide horizontal stripes. The upper stripe is blue and the middle stripe is red. The lower stripe is green color. An eight-pointed star and a crescent of the white color are in the middle of the red stripe.



The Flag Of Azerbaijan is a symbol of the independence and freedom of the Azerbaijani nation. According to the constitution of Azerbaijan, blue color on the National Flag Of Azerbaijan is a traditional color of Turkic peoples, red is for the progress to establish a modern state and the development of democracy. The Green shows the nation’s relation to the Muslim world. Crescent signifies the commitment to the religion of Islam, an eight-pointed star is a symbol of the eight branches of the Turkic peoples.

There are different views about the meaning of the crescent and the eight-pointed star featured on the Flag Of Azerbaijan. ADR’s Prime Minister Fatali khan Khoyski said that the crescent symbolized Islam and the eight-pointed star means the eight letters in the name of Azerbaijan written in Arabic.

In the poem of the prominent poet and dramatist Jafar Jabbarli ‘To the Azerbaijani flag,’ the eight-pointed star features the Arabic spelling of the “Land of fire.” “…Səkkiz uncle şu luz da, səkkiz hərfli od yards…” Some researchers believe that eight points of the star on the Azerbaijan National Flag may feature 8 branches of Turkic-speaking peoples or 8 nations, living in Azerbaijan.


Some Information About Flag:

In Which Year, The National Flag is Adopted?
Ans: On November 9, 1918

What Are The Colours of The Flag?
Ans: Blue, Red, Green, White

Who Is The Designer of The Flag?
Ans: Ali bey Huseynzade

On The Modern Flag Of Azerbaijan, What Does The Green Color Represent?
Ans: Islam

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