National Flag Of Finland

The Flag Of Finland Was Officially Adopted On 29 May 1918. Finland did not have an official flag when the country became independent. The “Blue Cross Flag” was adopted as the official flag by the decision of the Finnish parliament. It replaced the temporary state flag with the heraldic lion on a red background. The National Flag Of Finland features a blue cross on a white background. The flag was designed by Eero Snellman and Bruno Tuukkanen.

There are 2 types of Finland flag, the national (civil) flag, and the state flag. The state flag has a coat of arms in the center of the flag but is otherwise identical to the civil flag. The swallow-tailed state flag is used by the military of Finland. Like Sweden’s, The Finland National Flag is based on the Scandinavian cross. The flag was adopted after independence from Russia. The blue is representative of the lakes and the sky, while the white is of the snow, so present during the winters in Finland. On a white background, Flag Of Finland features a blue Nordic cross, which represents Christianity.


History Of The Flag

Before gaining independence in 1917, Finland was part of Sweden. In 1809, Finland incorporated into the Russian empire. The first known “Flag of Finland” along with the national anthem Maamme was presented in 1848. Its motif was the coat of arms of Finland, surrounded by laurel leaves, on a white flag. The current blue-crossed Finland National Flag design was first used in Finland by Nyländska Jaktklubben, a yacht club founded in Helsinki in 1861.

Inspired by the event, numerous cultural and political figures, especially the writer and historian Zacharias Topelius suggested that Finland should have a National Flag Of Finland of its own. The debate continued throughout the 1850s and 1860s, and blue and white gained support as Finnish national colors. Finland declared independence on 6 December 1917. The occasion was celebrated by flying the red and yellow lion flag from the Government Palace the same day. During the first months of independence, it was also used as the semi-official state Flag Of Finland. After some days, the new state flag was adopted.


Some Information About Flag:

In Which Year, The National Flag is Adopted?
Ans: On 29 May 1918

What Are The Colours of The Flag?
Ans: Sea-Blue And White

What Do the Colours of The Flag Means?
Ans: The blue is representative of the lakes and the sky, while the white is of the snow.

Who Is The Designer of The Flag?
Ans: Eero Snellman and Bruno Tuukkanen

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