Blank Outline Map of the USA Expansion 1607-1853

Blank Outline Map of the USA Expansion was begun in 1607. It was Starts with the conquered and displaced Native Americans from North America by Europian.

The first Europeans to arrive in the contiguous United States were Spanish conquistadors such as Juan Ponce de León. English settlement Successful begun on the eastern coast of North America began with the Virginia Colony.

In 1607 at Jamestown and with the Pilgrims’ Plymouth Colony in 1620.

13 colony of the Kingdom of Great Britain in North America declared their independence as the United States of America On July 2, 1776. Great Britain recognized the independence of the United States, ending its claim to the country on May 12, 1784.

Washington Territory was organized from half of Oregon Territory and the Columbia River on March 2, 1853.

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