General Maps of The USA

General Maps of The USA

General Maps of The USA is the Map of United States of America. You can also free download United States of America Map images HD Wallpapers for use desktop and laptop. Click Printable Large Map

The United States of America is the world’s third-largest country in size (after Russia and Canada) and the third-largest in terms of population (after China and India). Located in North America, the country is bordered on the west by the Pacific Ocean, and on the east by the Atlantic Ocean. Along the northern border is Canada, and along the southern border is Mexico. There are 50 states and the District of Columbia.

The capital city of the USA is called Washington D.C. D.C. stands for District of Columbia. Washington D.C. has about 7.5 million inhabitants. The largest city in the USA is New York with almost 8.4 million inhabitants is the USA’s biggest city.

USA Map Facts

Official Name: United States of America
Population: 324, 057, 300
Form of Government: Constitution-based federal republic
Capital: Washington, D.C.
Area: 9, 826, 630 square kilometers
Major Mountain Ranges: the Rocky Mountains, Appalachian Mountains
Major Rivers: Mississippi, Missouri, Colorado
Languages: English, Spanish
Money: U.S. dollar

USA Map With State And Capital

The largest U.S. state by land area is Alaska. Alaska is a bit more than twice the size of Texas and four times the size of California. The lowest point in the country is in Death Valley which is at -282 feet (-86 meters) and the highest peak is Denali (Mt. McKinley) at 20,320 feet (6,198 meters).