Historical Blank Outline US Map of 1861

Historical Blank Outline US Map of 1861

Historical Blank Outline US Map of 1861 is the Map of United States of America. You can also free download United States of America Map images HD Wallpapers for use desktop and laptop. Click Printable Large Map

A Historical Blank Outline US Map and territories in 1861 at the outbreak of the Civil War. The Map is color-coded to show the Union Free States and the Confederate States seceded before April 15, 1861, the Confederate States seceded after April 15, 1861, the Union Slave-Holding States, and the territories controlled by the Federal Government.

The heavy line shows the limit of territory held by the Confederates. The territorial boundaries shown include the Indian Territory (Oklahoma), and the territories of Washington, Dakota, Nevada, Utah, Nebraska, Colorado, and New Mexico at the time.

The United States is a federal nation of 50 states that covers the central part of North America. The mainland of the USA shares borders with the Atlantic Ocean in the east and Pacific Ocean in the west. The country borders Canada in the north and has a 3,155 km long border to Mexico in the south. The United States shares maritime borders with the Bahamas, Cuba, and Russia (in Alaska).

A Blank Map of the US indicates the outer boundary and the overall shape of the country. The inset in the USA outline map shows Alaska, one of the states of the country that is separated from its boundary due to Canada. This USA outline map will be of great help in explaining the administrative boundaries of the country. This blank USA outline map can be ideal for all kinds of educational purposes.